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We envision an Ohio where pain medications are used sparingly, appropriately, and responsibly, and the entire community works together to prevent opioid misuse, abuse and diversion.

You can help make this vision a reality. We encourage you to download the resources in this section and use them freely to raise awareness and educate others on safe medication practices. You are welcome to adapt, customize, and disseminate the materials to best meet your needs. It’s time to Take Charge, Ohio! Your actions can make a real difference..

Brand Guidelines

This PDF contains the brand guidelines, which are the official logos, fonts, imagery, and terminology for the campaign.
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Download this file to access the logo used through the campaign.
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Download this file to access the fonts used throughout the campaign.
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Brand Iconography

This file contains a collection of ALL campaign icons and source images.
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Powerpoint Presentation


Community Poster

Includes 3 styles of the Community Poster.
PDF Poster #1 InDesign Poster #1
PDF Poster #2 InDesign Poster #2
PDF Poster #3 InDesign Poster #3

Doctor’s Office Poster

Includes 2 styles of the Doctor’s Office Poster.
PDF Style #1 InDesign #1
PDF Style #2 InDesign #2

These printable handouts and brochures help promote safe pain management and education practices.


This printable, 4-page brochure for patients promotes safe pain management and medication practices


Includes 2 styles of informational handouts. Download the PDF for print/viewing or the InDesign file for a layout template you can change to suit your needs.
PDF Handout #1(8 ½ X 11”) InDesign Handout #1(8 ½ X 11”)
PDF Handout #2(8 ½ X 11”) InDesign Handout #2(8 ½ X 11”)

Promoting Safer and More Effective Pain Management

This resource provides suggestions for improving doctor and patient communication for the treatment of chronic pain.
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Learn more about safe medication and pain management practices by watching and sharing our Take Charge Ohio videos, outlining information and tips on safe medication practices.

Take Charge Ohio Mission Video (30 Seconds)

Take Charge Ohio TV PSA: Talk to your Doctor

How To Talk To Your Doctor (30 Seconds)

Safe Storage & Disposal Tips (30 Seconds)

Quick Fixes (30 Seconds)

Harmless Sharing (30 Seconds)