Public awareness about safe medication and pain medication practices is growing, but there’s still much work to be done. In an effort to educate all Ohioans, we’ve compiled resources for various audiences on how to manage pain safely and be a champion of safe medication practices.

Healthcare Professionals

Resources for healthcare professionals to refer to when prescribing opioids to patients, treating opioid withdrawal symptoms and addiction, and using alternative pain management methods.

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Materials for patients to refer to when taking prescription opioids, disposing of unused or unneeded medication and searching for addiction treatment resources.

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General Public

Resources for communities to refer to while planning a community response to the opioid epidemic, talking to youth about drug use prevention and finding networking opportunities for families affected by illegal opioid use.

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Public Awareness Toolkit

A list of free, educational resources that can be used to raise awareness and educate others on safe medication practices. You are welcome to adapt, customize, and disseminate the materials to best meet your needs.

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